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PDO - PECL :: Package - PHP
Browse Packages · Search Packages · Download Statistics · Top Level :: Database :: PDO. PDO. This package is not maintained anymore and has been superseded.
Package :: PDO_OCI - PECL - PHP
Package has moved to channel http://www.php.net/pdo_oci package ext/pdo_oci. Package Information. Summary, Oracle Call Interface driver for PDO. Maintainers ...
Browse Packages · Search Packages · Download Statistics · Top Level :: Database :: PDO_INFORMIX. PDO_INFORMIX. Package Information. Summary, PDO driver for IBM ...
Package :: PDO_IBM - PECL - PHP
Browse Packages · Search Packages · Download Statistics · Top Level :: Database :: PDO_IBM. PDO_IBM. Package Information. Summary, PDO driver for IBM databases.
Package :: PDO_MYSQL - PECL - PHP
Description, Do not use this, as PDO has been moved into core (the php source) so this pecl extension is dead. This old extension provided a MySQL driver ...
PDO_DBLIB - PECL :: Package - PHP
Package Information. Summary, FreeTDS/Sybase/MSSQL driver for PDO. Maintainers, Wez Furlong < wez at php dot net > (lead) [details]
PDOのドライバーインストール - PHP::PEAR - dozo PukiWiki
http://dozo.matrix.jp/pear/index.php?PECL%2Fpdo%2F ...
2006/04/30 ... PECLモジュールは基本的にインストール方法は同じ。 # pecl install pdo_mysql. あとはphp.iniに extension=pdo_mysql.so. または、プログラムに dl( ...
Package Information: MDB2 - PHP
pear install MDB2-2.5.0b5 ... Download. For manual installation only. 2.5.0b5 ... add cursor support along the lines of PDO (Request #3660 etc.)
Manual :: Getting and installing the PEAR package manager - PHP
https://pear.php.net/manual/en/installation.gettin ...
After you have downloaded and installed PHP, you have to manually execute the batch file located in e.g. c:\php\go-pear.bat . Alternatively, download ...
Installation - Manual - PHP
Installing PDO on Unix systems. PDO and the PDO_SQLITE driver is enabled by default. You may need to enable the PDO driver for your database of choice; ...